Friday, 6 July 2012

Jade ♥

So this is an outfit made entirely by yours truly :) Each item was made on separate occasions; the crop top I had made because I needed something to complete an outfit for a night out with my girls, and I figured why not? The skirt is part of my mini collection I've been working on since uni ended for the summer, mainly for self development purposes in all areas as well as something to keep me occupied! I decided to pair the two together creating this rather 'girly' look for today, I believe the contrast makes the look work. This waterfall style and silhouette makes it perfect for those summer dayssss. Meet 

(Having a little dance, as I do lol)

As you've probably guessed already, I titled this post after the colour of the skirt. JADE

Top: Taboka
Skirt: Taboka

Earings: Topshop
Bangles: Primark

Twitter: @MensahD
Instagram: MensahD

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