Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Colour Splash

*waves* :D
Evening, so I finally have some time to show you my new babiesss. These are just a few items I got couple weeks ago to give my wardrobe some much needed 'revamping'. I mean I am allowed a treat now and again, plus I can't remember the last time I did a decent shop! My wardrobe just looks more and more gloomy to me every time I open it :( I picked up some bold items and one pretty print number I've had my eye on for while, and now she's mine :D You know as time goes on you begin to discard certain pairs of shoes? Nope, just me then? Well it's come to the point where I would only wear two pairs of heels out of the pairs I own (tragic!!) So I thought why not replace those two. I picked up a comfy 'day-time' and 'dress-up' pair. I want to get into the habit of wearing heels comfortably when going out and my new day timers should help... Anyway enough of me babbling on, have a look-see!

1)Primark. 2)Topshop. 3)Zara. 4)Primark.

Ever felt as if a particular item was waiting for YOU to purchase it? 
Well I'm certain these were, just my size, in this beautiful colour and reduced down to £19.99. Yup, they were waiting for me!
The day-timers... courtesy of Zara Basics

 The gold chocker is a lil old now but I thought she fitted in well with her new friends :)
I love bold statement jewellery, especially necklaces! I picked these two up in Primark and was immediately drawn to their boldness and tribal esque detail.

In love! I can't express how happy shopping makes me!!

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