Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So it's my day off and I've spent it on my feet! but It's been worth it :D I finally got the fabric I've been needing to start making the garments for my new collection. It will be quite a lux collection of evening wear dresses. Fabrics/Embellishments include; chiffon, stretch jersey, lace, satin, feathers, beads. It's probably coming across as a mish mash of things, but the end result will be lovely, I promise :). I will be working with a dark colour pallet of black, khaki green, with a dress in red and maybe one in cream for a pop of colour among the darkness. Below is just a mini photo diary of today's shopping trip :D



  1. I love looking at those button racks, and all the fabrics as well. I don't make clothes that often but whenever I go into a fabric shop I see all these gorgeous things and have all these fantastic ideas of what I could do with them, then end up buying a load of crap that I never actually do anything with. It's quite dangerous! x

    Carousel Secrets

    1. Loool I know how you feel, I bought 3types of fabric and other haberdashery items I didn't even need just because they looked so pretty :(

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