Saturday, 14 July 2012


I've been researching and drawing design ideas for my next collection even before I had completed the first lol (sooo many ideas running through my head!). The first was just a 'practice run' for both my skills as well as training myself to construct so many garments at a time. The next is a range of dresses I conducted a survey on where I listed the different aspects of a dress which my target market might  like and wear. I received just over 30 responses (which is MORE than I expected lol) Below is the first of the collection; I have named this collection 'Destiny' because I'm working to create my own, just seeing past my current state towards my future and where I'd like to be. It's quite a simple style  and silhouette to begin with, I'd say the print is enough of a statement. I will be creating and selling this range in a variety of styles/prints (inc this one) at affordable prices. A lot is still to be confirmed in terms of sizes and how many styles being that I'm working towards another collection for a friends charity event I've been asked to showcase at, I just wanted to share what I'm working on with you guys :) There will be something for everyone. If anyone is interested in placing an order on a one off I'd love to, if I have time to I'm stretching myself so thin these days lol :O Anyway hope you like what you see, drop a comment with your feedback xo

Destiny by Taboka.
Anything else to do with this will be updated on the 'WORK' page


  1. Love love love this dress also the colour is fantastic would also. Be amazeballs if it was canary yellow xxx

    1. I knooow :) yellow is definately a colour I've been thinking of a lot!!