Monday, 30 July 2012


A week ago I was lucky enough to have been invited to what turned out to be a great networking event. The organisation is a great opportunity for young aspiring individuals, enabling them to blossom in their chosen career paths. The vibe was very relaxed and friendly, I had the chance to meet some lovely people and bump into a couple familiar faces :) The event took place on the 24rh at VIA in Canary Wharf which was a lovely location; sun, scenery and new opportunities.

Should really come out here for drinks with the girls some time :)

On our travels before reaching the event...
 I was really intrigued by this!
I thought these were Beautiful! 

Looking forward to the next Elexu event, should be something special!!

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  1. Thoko8.8.12

    I absolutely love the outfit you wore on 3/08/12.