Friday, 13 July 2012

Festival 'MOOD'

It's that season! I haven't personally been to any festivals so far :( but I've been observing the outfits of those who have been. Being that the British weather is SO unpredictable It's difficult to know what you can and cannot wear, 'do I bring a jacket?' 'but it doesn't go with my outfit :(' Those wardrobe dilemmas are all too real to me lol. But I've had a scurry through some outfits and put together a couple moodboards of what looks I like and thought to be suitable attire and where they can be purchased. Also my girl crush :D Gillian Zinser 'Ivy' from 90210 I think she is the perfect muse for this post 

My girl crush 

Gillian Zinser

. Each episode fall in love with her and her effortless style all over again! 


 All Highstreet buys x