Monday, 5 November 2012

Highlight of the week :)

Hey guys, It's been a great week I've had sample loans all week, two client fittings as well as order requests and I'm just so happy and appreciative of EVERY single one of them. It's been a good sample loan week, even if one dress was used the fact that I was considered is enough! (:

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Photographer Jay Stewart about loaning a few of my garments as part of his shoots our in LA, of course I JUMPED at the opportunity because how often does THAT happen?? The two weeks he was out there literally flew by! And earlier this week I received an email from him telling me to check out 'Golden_Baribe' on instagram, real name Jasmine Sanders  ..*checks insta* OMG she's wearing my dress :O :D the amount of comments about the dress and how great it looked on her just made me feel so happy! She herself contacted me about the dress (shocked face) So I'm working on getting it to her. I cannot wait to see the final images from the entire shoot!

So far this week has been great for my designs, I haven't seen them in person in 3 weeks lol, more loans this weekend, as well as sorting clients orders I'm so tired the bags under my eyes can tell you that for free but I can't even complain God is good!
 She commented!! ^.^