Saturday, 29 December 2012


.....Well atleast it was :D *dancesssss*
December 28th was my special day and I enjoyed every minute of it :D

I've always let my birthday go by like just another day but this year I thought 'NO!' I decided to have an intimate dinner with my nearest and dearest and it was a lovely turn out. Everyone looked good and made the day/evening so amazing for me :D And I got my first moonpig card, I see the adverts and think 'nice idea' but once you get the card its like awwwwwwww *cries*

I designed and made my own dress, the day before (lastmindotcom?) yeah I know but I was still recovering from Christmas lol. I felt a bit of pressure from people saying 'can't wait to see your dress' and from the people that didn't say it, I felt like definitely they thought it lol. I opted for subtle sass with some elegance and used my famous lace material. Long sleeved maxi dress with a love plunge and thigh high slit. I was so happy with the final piece, and here it is :D

 My dress, shoes: Zara :)

What became my fave shot of the night, the lighting in the restaurant was so not fitting for photos :( but I found this massive vase and decided to pose next to it, but looking back I could have done without it in the shot loool O well..

 Picture time :D
My Homegirls <3
 So we started off behaved......
 And then ...Erm



  1. That dress is STUNNING! Well done, i wish i could sew that good lol

  2. That dress is stunning!!!!!! Let me know if you ever want to sell it . .actually how much would it cost for you to make me one?? No joke!!

    1. Aw thank you :) I'll be making more soon just when I'm done with university this coming year, please keep in contact!!!

  3. You look beautiful. Love your dress


  4. where can i get that dress!!! loove it. email me details please (let me know if their sold out if they are) ...