Saturday, 9 March 2013

TabokaM Lace Edition: for sale, coming soon

These two pieces will be going on sale from early/mid May. The first piece I made in lace was 'favoured' which has received such a great response so far, more that what I ever expected! From my peers to stylists to potential clients and customers, I reckon it is the simplicity of the piece that attracts the attention. The piece allows you to wear it however you choose to! No added embellishment, no slits just an elegance blank canvas :). The second piece 'desired' was the piece I made for my birthday, I knew I wanted it floor length and I knew I wanted it long sleeved with an added bit of sass! I made the piece the day before my birthday ( much?) and I was so pleased with the outcome. I don't think anyone expected it to be what it was, my favourite piece at the moment! Both pieces are heavily influenced by my love for couture pieces <3

'Favoured' > 'Desired'


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