Saturday, 21 September 2013


Casual me, waiting for my train in my favourites! 

Friday, 20 September 2013


Hey, I'd love to give a valid reason as to why I've been MIA, but there's no excuse when you know people who can still fit blogging into their full time jobs! *hides*
Anyway, I'm here with my fashion week faves of ss14, from NY to London and some of Milan. All my favourite collections have a similar minimalist thread running through them, which is a huge reflection on my personal and design style. I love a simple colour pallet, a lot of white, pale colour ways and with the bold cuts/designs/fabrics this ss14. I've fallen in love with some new names and even more in love with my favourite designers of all time.
 Both these looks are great because the styling was perfectly executed, simple/clean and relaxed. These are my two favourite looks from the entire line up because they illustrate the various elements of the over all collection. The shorts above and pleated skirt featuring below touch on both sporty and masculine inspiration, I love the styling of the pieces! I haven't featured her more colourful pieces, they are available on if you haven't already seen them.  

VB herself in a relaxed, simple outfit fitting for the show prep back stage as well as her end of show wave. She looked happy back stage as she decided final looks and sent each model out onto the catwalk. She is one of my favourite designers because she has a great eye for detail that cannot be 'bought', people may scrutinise her as a 'designer' because of who she was/married to.She has definitely made her mark and proven herself as an amazing and timeless designer, from her previous shows to this one. I feel as though she pushed herself by taking on more masculine silhouettes adding sporty elements, fitting for the seasons trends while maintaining a signature VB feel, producing a super high-end designer line up! 

 I just wanted to start off by mentioning how disappointed I was with the footwear selection for this show ):
Now that I've got that off my chest, I can get into what I loved about the above looks. Technique! I love the use of folds and fabric textures against each other, a very clean look for the season.
 (above) One of my favourite looks of all the shows I've seen!
Young designer Simone Rocha always delivers very feminine pieces but manages to keep every collection fresh. Although having said that, I preferred her more subtle looks for this show, which was why I chose these two as my favourite pieces because they are don't feature full/frilly skirts. I loved the styling from the punk-ish mohawk hair do, to the flower accessories.
 Metallic at Philip Lim, I fell in love with this shirt because it was so unexpected, the fabric and glittery 'galaxy' texture brought a different element to the look that really intrigued me.  
 I chose this as my second favourite look because it is simple! I judge catwalk looks and designs by how 'wearable' they are, if I can see myself wearing it, it automatically becomes more appealing to me. Apart from the obvious couture/avant-garde pieces that are merely for expression and appreciation, I have to be able to see myself wearing the pieces. That's one rule I design by, my pieces have to be wearable and this is a grate example of that by Lim.
 Dropping in abit more colour as my faves continue.. Max Mara don't shy away from bold colour and the styling on this was an over kill of colour, but in a GOOD way! A chic look for the catwalk.  
  Back to a more subtle look, this was another favourite of mine. Minimalism reigned throughout this seasons shows and I cannot complain!