Friday, 4 October 2013

My long Parisian weekend

What an amazing couple of weeks it's been, the run up to fashion week was crazy busy, late nights in the studio.. model fittings.. sewing and last minute alterations to pieces BUT it was all worth it. I currently intern for Charlie May and I love it! her design aesthetic is similar to what I draw inspiration from and like to design. After the London show, it was the weekend after that we took off to Paris to set up the showroom for her buyers meetings. The long weekend began with a 5am Eurostar which got us to Paris about 9, this was perfect as it gave us the entire day to set up and settle into our apartment. We shared the apartment with three other lovely accessory designers and titled it he 'SHWRM' at the buzzer downstairs.
After all the furniture was moved out, the shwrm space was set up and officially open :) and this is what it looked like.. 

 A beautiful bouquet to brighten the room.
The view (how I miss it)
Womenswear designed by Charlie, brand CHARLIE MAY
Some of the runway looks from the LFW show, see more on vogue uk.
Bag designed by Grace and Sally, brand KITE EDEN,
beautiful clutches and cross shoulder bags. Can you believe the smaller white/navy bags are fish skin! I know right, amazing!
Jewellery designed by Jessie, brand JESSIE HARRIS
 I loved Jessie's look book direction, very creative!!

Had the opportunity of going to the Fashion Scout exhibition and met some amazing designers there. I was also lucky enough to meet an organisation that scouts young designers internationally so that was great to talk to one of the members behind the amazing company first hand.
Lunch with the girls, we opted for a basic lunch of salad and sandwich ingredients we purchased from the supermarket down the road from us and toasted to the shwrm with a bottle of bubbly.
 Our lovely kitchen/ dining area and the view I woke up to every morning...
'thelastsupper' Our last night out on the town. Something I picked up on about the French is that they have their dinner so late, we found ourselves going out for dinner no later than 1030 and heading out at 12 for parties/events.
Some of the best tasting food I had throughout the whole trip, (duck & baby potatoes with what I think was pepper grain sauce) it was a lot better than it looks, that sauce was beautiful! 
Another thing about the French is that their diets are an overload of carbs.. bread, pastries, wine, meat and FRIES or shall I say 'frites', but we still ate it anyway, ha.

Down the road from our apartment was this ice cream place we had been saying we'd go to since we arrived and with having no time in between meetings and events it was left till the last day, but boy was it worth the wait!
What was the BEST thing I tasted all weekend!
 I strongly recommend Amorino's if you're ever in Pari..
The first time I had ever seen the Eiffel in real life, great view!

What a great learning experience, I could not have seen this coming at the beginning of summer when I was searching for a beneficial internship. I've met some great, inspirational and driven people, exactly who I need to be amongst during this journey! I shook hands with editors, buyers from the biggest stores, it could be me setting up a showroom soon, I just got a taste of what it could be like!
God is so good to me.

left to right: Jessie, Sally, Charlie & Grace
...#SHWRM! xx <3


  1. sounds like an awesome internship! i love charlie may's designs.

    1. It's great, aw thank you will tell her x

  2. aww this post was cute!
    you know already I'm chuffed you bagged a perfect internship.