Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Blck&Wht Edit

So I'm obsessed with the black and white filter, and not just the filter itself but ALL the adjustments that come along with the apps, contrast, brightness, sharpen, grain. Todays post is a range of black and white edits and I think the reason I'm obsessed with it is down to my love for minimalism. Being that my images were taken outside, the edit gives a uniform effect as opposed to the multiple colours featuring in the background, so I prefer to focus on the outfit.
Heading into autumn I was confused (as per usual) on what to wear today as the sun was out, but the low temperature called for a cover up! I pick and choose my trends according to what suits my personal style and shape and I've always loved the oversized men's style coat. So I paired my favourite coat with this bra crop top creating this androgynous style which if you know me, you know I LOVE! My trousers were the base of my outfit because I just love a well fitting trouser that I can dress up and dress down depending on my mood. The high-waisted nature of my trousers completed the look as it wasn't too revealing and most important, very comfortable! My outfit was all black apart from my charcoal grey oversized coat you're not missing out on much colour, so hope you like this post..


 men's wear accents
thanks for reading.. x

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