'Art In Fashion'
I've always been creative and drawn to art which allows me to channel my interests into what I've always wanted to do, which is fashion! I've studied art in school, and then took my knowledge, studied textiles (gcse-alevel) and now my degree and career Fashion! :D. It's been a long journey but I wouldn't change my experiences for anything! You will notice that I use mixed media to develop my illustrations from watercolours, pens, markers, photoshop, illustrator, charcoal, pencil colours, actual fabric, the list goes on!! I'm constantly researching methods and teaching myself new techniques for ways to improve my illustrations. You may not understand some of my work, they may be a bit too quirky for some but I just produce what I feel like at the time. I've created this page to show you guys another aspect of what I do, I've had some lovely feedback from followers on my instagram profile (tmdesigner) and here is some of my work (all mine).

Current project, my illustrations of the coat development. I enjoy making quirky illstrations I guess it's my thing, I didn't plan this one I just used a variety of mediums to achieve this as an end result. I like that the proportions are off and some sections overlap eachother. I've used the colour scheme on the side to show the palette I will be working with (not the dark grey, just a prototype)

Monochrome: Simple <3  

Design illustrations I created for my final project, a lot of mixed media techniques and manipulation used to create the over all finish. I had a lot of fun learning with this one :)

So I'm that weiro who randomly goes around taking pictures of plants and flowers on her phone lol, but this is why I do it. This is just abit of fun I had today on photoshop and Illustrator trying to create unusual prints from natural sources. There isn;t really a specific silhouette, just using the print to reflect items of clothing e,g the midi length skirt in the centre, this is 'Envy'
This is one of my 'spare of the moment' illustrations. I'm constantly trying to improve of both my sewing/design and drawing skills and I find that creating things such as this help to achieve that!
These are my slightly 'grungy' Japanese triplets :)

I think this is my favorite illustration because it wasn't calculated at all :D It's so awkward looking being that I haven't actually drawn a garment on her, I just used the paint splashes and positioning of her body to do that for me. It was the most simple technique to express my interpretation of 'art in fashion'

The above illustration started off as a simple pencil sketch, until I scanned it into photoshop/illustrator and played around with some effects to achieve this as the final outcome :)
Quick scribbles

 I keep all of my magazines because they come in very handy when I'm either feeling uncreative and/or needing some inspiration. Found this girl in an old Grazia magazine and really loved her outfit which pushed me to created this illustration of her
'City girl' 
My quirky illustration of the the trendy floral print trouser! They work as a statement piece in the outfit, I really like the effect that the negative space in the coat gives to the over all image. 
This was me experimenting with my watercolours, I've seen some beautiful illustrations/art similar to this and I really want to perfect the technique, practice makes perfect..

This was just meant to be a watercolour shirt with no detail added, but I always find that the more detail I incorporate into my illustrations, no matter how subtle, can dramatically improve my work. The wild hair just set it off!!