I use each day to improve my skills, whether it be construction/design or my fashion illustrations. This page is just to show what I get up to in my room, the ideas I have which go from my head, to paper and into garments.

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to showcase the designs I'd been working on at FutureLDN. The event planners Maybell and Ed did a great job organising the entire night and It was great to be part of their launch. I only have some 'backstage' images I took myself the on stage ones were not great but my collection will be shot for my look book and portfolio purposes so more images and possibly more pieces will be featured in that :). In the mean time here are my beautiful models in just a few of my garments*lovestruck eyes*

(left to right..All lace/Gold open back/Off-white plunge)

O.M.G I had my first ever professional photo shoot for my garments the other day (I'm still excited) and believe me everything that could have gone wrong that morning DID! But it all worked out in the end, I've received the edited images and I'm in love! I have/had SO many ideas for shoot concepts regarding my current collection, but I so happy with the outcome! The professional images may remain under raps as I'm pacing myself and aiming to have my website created by the end of the year. By then I'm hoping for more and more projects that I've set myself to be put into fruition :D Summer'12 has been good to me I've learnt and taught myself so much. Progress is the key, more to come x
 Garment bag carrying my pieces^
Kenza accessories. These were kindly lent to me for my shoot :D

LUX ..preview
The three images directly below are dresses I have designed and sewn myself as pieces to my mini collection. The collection is a series of evening wear dresses of simple silhouettes which originally began with a dark colour pallet, but then I heard Nina Garcia say that something to the effect of 'all black' collections not being great for photoshoots. Once I heard that I began to drop pops of colour into my collection, majority of them are still dark/black but the boldness of the colours I've chosen give the over all range that much needed POP! The pieces are elegant with some skin bearing numbers to add some sass. I am working towards 10 pieces (or more) ready to shoot for my personal portfolio outside university assignments and for my own skill development. My aim even before I handed in my last assignment of the year was to showcase my designs at some shows this summer and that's exactly what I'm working towards. Also any stylists interested in pulling some of my pieces, email me (
Directly below is one of my favourite pieces so far, as soon as I had finished sewing it up I could already envision it in my shoot; the model, hair, shoe, accessories *lovestruck* I'm also working towards a website but all that will come in due time, here is
'Lux by Taboka' far xo

Work in progress ^

Favourite Past-time
 My mustard draping experiment, did this a little while ago and it's just what I enjoy doing! Whenever I have spare fabric and need to draw on some ideas I drape and document what I do on order to keep my 'creative juices' flowing... It's definitely a dress I'd love to and WILL make soon ;)

Directly below is a 'mini capsule' collection I've been working on for the past couple weeks and I've been waiting to shoot it professionally as part of a lookbook to build on my portfolio. I began working on it mainly for self development purposes as well as exposure. It's definitely a bright collation of colours inspired by the colour block trend with the contrasting stripe print. Some garments weren't featured today (all will be in look book) this isn't a 'styled' shoot, I just wanted to finally get the clothes out of my wardrobe and in front of the camera to see what they looked like and show them off in their simplest form. Studio shoot for lookbook up soon! For now here's some of the images taken outside my house.    

 Outfit: Peplum over striped mini dress

 Three way Maxi with thigh high slit

Stripped mini
 No arm blazer over jade crop top and waterfall skirt

 Jade crop with matching waterfall
 Testing layering and different outfit arrangements    

Tailed crop over Mini

Outfits: Taboka

Model: Pomalay :D
Photographer: MensahD
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 Closing credits...
Some of my inspirations, construction, pattern cutting and other aspects that went into producing the final outcome.
THIS is where it all began!
 Work station...
The picstitch inspiration board I made in the early stages of the project

 Drafting my own patterns from scatch 

The moodboard I created a while back has cont into use now :)
I LOVE the melting wax!!
 I like to draw inspiration from both makeup and art!

Fabric swatches and inspirational imagery

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